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“Be careful if you see a tiny creacher that has no wings…”

Guest post from N, excerpted from her recent book, A Fairy’s Life Cycle:

Fairys are creachers that have tiny tiny wings. There habitat is in woods or cuntry arias or small islands. Its verry hard to see fairies. There about the size of your pinkie nail.

Fairys can be diffrent. They can be white or brown or tan. To be a fairy’s friend you have to choose a name and write a note and fold the paper and draw a stamp and a flower and then write Fairy Land and place the fairy note on your window cill and wate a few days. And youl see another note. Don’t wate to open it!

Fairys are verry buissy but they allways remember there tasks and allways get back to them.

Fairys live for about 3000000 years or less. Fairys are known as magical creachers with wands. There closeist cossin is the pixy. Pixys are known as triksters so be careful if you see a tiny creacher that has no wings.

Fairys are verry good friends. Once you get youst to being there friend youl find them yousefull maybe.

Sometimes fairys even do magic in front of your eyes and you dont notice a thing beacus you dont bilive in magic. If you bilive you can see it. If you dont bilive you cant see.



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