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Guest post by N: a literary Halloween

N is gearing up for Halloween. Actually she’s been doing that since the spring, but her costume is taking shape now, and that is always exciting. It’s a literary theme this year, which reminds me of when N was three and she dressed as Mary Poppins. This year she’ll be Hermione-Granger-from-book-3 (an important distinction, I’m told), and her friend A from up the street will be Dorothy Gale. I love these costumes the best when they are home-made, or pieced together from things found here and there. N and I took a trip to Value Village and N made a bee-line for the costume section with its ready-made vampires and lions. But we quickly discovered that the best things were in the main part of the store, hanging on racks among the ordinary clothes, waiting for us to discover them.

N stayed up late last night scribbling her ideas for Hermione and A’s ideas for Dorothy into a new book she’s just begun. Here are a couple of excerpts from “Halloween Costume Making”:

How to make a Hermione costume

You will need: a black jacket with a hood that should have no zippers or buttons. The sleeves should look like this:

If you don’t have that, you can take the zipper or the button off it and use black fabric and sewing glue and attach a long part to the bottom of the sleeve. You will also need a white shirt that has a collar, a grey sweater with a V neck, a red and yellow striped tie, a skirt like this:

(it should also be grey or black). You will also need leggings or grey tites.

How to make a Dorothy costume

You will need: a blue and white cheker fabric, elastic, sewing glue, and an old basket. What you need to do: you need to make sure that the fabric is the right size, and you need to make a loop the wideness of the elastic, and close the bottom of the loop with the glue, then put the elastic in the littel holes:

If you have a chekerd blue and white t-shirt that wood do, if not then colour an old white t-shirt with blue and white squares. You can decorate the old basket and put a stuffed dog in it (for Toto). You will also need to get a reddish brownish wig for her hair. You will also need an old pair of shoes and put red glitter all over them.


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