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Your most important book: guest post from Sara Angelucci

My friend (and the wonderful artist) Sara Angelucci has a question for you lovers of children’s books. Please read about her newest project below and get in touch with your memories of “a book you always carry with you.” I’d love to hear your comments here as well!

anne frankHello,

I am looking for children’s books suggestions (from YOUR CHILDHOOD) for an upcoming project I am preparing for the Koffler Gallery in the fall of 2013 entitled We’re in the Library. As one of the participating artists I have been asked to create a work in response to the idea of the school library.

For my project, I’m interested in knowing which books from childhood (approximately age 6-14) have been IMPORTANT ones and had a long-lasting impact into your adult life. In essence, a book you always carry with you deep inside.

Perhaps by way of example, I will share my story. When I was 14 I entered the school library and the librarian said, “oh my goodness Sara, you look so much like Anne Frank.” As a Catholic girl raised in a small town, I was unfamiliar with Anne Frank’s story. And my response was “who is Anne Frank?” She immediately took Anne Frank’s Diary off the shelf and said, “you should read this.” So I did, and of course, the impact was profound. Not only did I look like Anne Frank, I was her age when she started writing the diary. And, I shared many of Anne’s feelings as a young burgeoning adolescent woman. Of course, her life circumstances were beyond my comprehension, and to discover Anne’s ultimate end was devastating. Her story changed me. Perhaps it was the real shift from childhood to adulthood. 

If you should care to, I would love to hear about your most important book. I will not be able to use all of the books suggested to me, I’m searching for a short-list of ten. But if you would like to share your story, please get in touch at the above website by MAY 27, 2013.

Many thanks

Sara Angelucci


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