When N was really little, I made an alphabet border for her room out of construction paper, and every night we’d lie in her bed and I’d point to the letters one by one, saying them aloud. It was amazing how quickly she started recognizing them. As pictures, at first, and then as pieces of words. There are so many small steps into reading – I remember being thrilled when I realized she could recognize her favourite books by their spines. She wasn’t reading in the traditional sense, but it was a start just to make those connections — to see the whole title as an image she understood. When she was about three, my husband made one of his N movies, which we call Yanga, and it perfectly captures a child’s early discoveries of how letters turn into words.


7 responses to “Yanga

  1. Julie

    Just watched with delight, and with L, whose immediate response was “Mo!” and he nods his head to encourage me to play again.

  2. Irmina

    😀 very, very sweet.

  3. Michelle

    Yanga was so cool.. you could definitely use that in a reading acquisition course. it brought back memories of when my two were small and I used to make tape recordings of their voices talking… We’d play with playdough and sit near the tape machine and I’d ask them about what they were making. I did it every few months for a year or two…so amazing to hear the growth of language too… I miss those baby voices and
    I miss making homemade playdough, it smelt so good and felt so good squishing it and rolling it…

  4. Marilyn

    I just discovered these videos and interviews. Very well done and very interesting.
    Thank you

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