I’m Kristen den Hartog, the author of four novels, Water Wings, The Perpetual Ending, Origin of Haloes, and And Me Among Them, published in the U.S. as The Girl Giant. My first non-fiction book, The Occupied Garden: A Family Memoir of War-torn Holland, was written with my sister, Tracy Kasaboski, and explores the life of our father’s family during the Second World War. I live in Toronto with my husband, visual artist Jeff Winch, and our daughter. I’m currently at work on another collaboration with my sister, this time about our mother’s family in Edwardian London’s poorest neighbourhoods. Details about me and my books can be found here.

Though I write for adults, children are often my main characters, and I am intrigued by the child’s perspective. Because I have a young daughter, I am always reading (and rereading) children’s literature, and am fascinated by both the stories and their authors. This blog has begun serving as a kind of documentation of our journey through the world of kids’ books (see Blog of Green Gables? for more). I welcome suggestions of great books to delve into, and would love to hear your thoughts on exceptional children’s literature.

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  1. Jane Armstrong

    I was born in Dordrech in July 1941. After reading your book, I realized how little our father had told us of his years during the occupation. Your grandparents and my parents came from the same area. Our parents were born in Rotterdam, were married in 1940, then moved to Dordrecht. We also came to Canada on the Volendam. I have memories of the occupation but they are very few. Our dad was taken from our house to be sent to Germany but fortunately he escaped from the train just before it crossed the German border. We lived above our flower shop and had german soldiers banging on the door at all hours, to purchase flowers for girl-friends.
    I learned so much from your book and have recommended it to my siblings. My mother, named for Queen Wilhelmina, loved her very much and I have a copy of her book – Eenzaam maar niet alleen. I will treasure this book.
    Thanks again for writing this wonderful book for all the Dutch immigrants.

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