Wordless Wednesday 26

My wordless friends:
Cheryl Andrews
Allyson Latta
Carin Makuz (Matilda Magtree)
Elizabeth Yeoman (Wunderkamera)



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9 responses to “Wordless Wednesday 26

  1. A delightful, hopeful picture in vibrant colours – a celebration: spring is coming!

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  3. Lenny

    Wow – en francais ! Do you think N. would be available to tutor my 13 year old son?

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  5. What colourful, happy worlds N. creates. Sunshine and big ol’ flowers and and dogs with waggy tails, and French-speaking robins. And she’s developing a fashion sense too. Look at the boots on the girl (woman?) in red! Ooh-la-la.

  6. carin

    I find the ‘components’ all so enchanting! The way each piece is a world unto itself, yet also fits in with the whole. I would paper my walls with these if I could!

  7. J’aime beaucoup que l’oiseau lui aussi dit “Bonne fête des mères!” Et toutes les couleurs du printemps et de la joie.

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