Wordless Wednesday 25


My wordless friends:
Elizabeth Yeoman
Matilda Magtree
Cheryl Andrews
Allyson Latta



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16 responses to “Wordless Wednesday 25

  1. Dancing? Singing? Tambourine shaking? Love it …

  2. Oh wow. This is excellent!! I love seeing the drawing style and skill develop! Is that a tambourine in her hand?

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  4. I like to way they look sort of prim and proper, yet also are obviously having fun! A nice contrast.

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  7. jeff

    Is that you beside toot? Did I miss your hair-bun stage?

  8. I love how they have obviously paid great attention to combing their hair just so before having their portrait made. (; (And I can see that foot tapping!)

  9. Marilyn

    N certainly seems to be enjoying the music she is making with the tambourine, tapping her foot to the music and smiling broadly. But the other person looks like a teacher to me.

  10. What this lacks in (her usual) colour, it makes up for in detail. I can almost hear the tambourine and see her foot tapping. Is the woman a teacher? She does look very prim and proper — and I’d like to have her legs.

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