Wordless Wednesday 23


My wordless friends:
Allyson Latta
Matilda Magtree
Elizabeth Yeoman
Cheryl Andrews



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13 responses to “Wordless Wednesday 23

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  3. The detail here is beautiful. The intricacy of the kite, the branches and the misty effect of watercolour. Her colour choices are really gorgeous. Could the dress be anything ‘but’ yellow?? WHEN IS HER BOOK COMING OUT??

  4. Like Carin, I love the misty effect. Is it watercolour? And the colours, the kite, her smile — N’s creations always brighten my Wednesdays.

    • kristendenhartog

      Watercolour crayons. Who knew there was such a thing, but she got a pack along with watercolour postcards for Christmas, and has been putting them to good use.

  5. Lenny

    It is so happy!

  6. I love her smile, and the way she’s lifting slightly off the ground.

  7. Looks and ‘feels’ like Springtime! Exactly what we need in February to keep us going!

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