wordless wednesday 21

Thank goodness for Wordless Wednesday, since lately I have few words. But I will be back blogging soon….

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Allyson Latta
Matilda Magtree
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17 responses to “wordless wednesday 21

  1. Perhaps your daughter’s drawing reflects your feelings … words being the minnow?

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  3. It’s brilliant! It reminds me of the Maritime Fishermen’s Union logo which is a whole lot of little fishes in the shape of a big fish about to eat a big fish.

  4. Except in this example, it’s the other way round. That minnow should join a union. (Not sure if that suggestion would have any implications for your writing?)

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  6. Marilyn

    That’s quite a trio. The big one looks very scary.

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  8. jefe

    when did our girl get so cynical?

  9. carin

    The two biggest ones are going to be sorry when that spotted one’s measles get into their system…

  10. Ah, so here we see another side of N. I wonder if it’s significant that her usual cheery colours aren’t evident. Has she been studying the food chain at school, by chance, or did this evolve from something she learned on your trip? (I hope she didn’t see this while snorkeling! 😉 ) It definitely has a “hint of hmm.”

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