wordless wednesday 20


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16 responses to “wordless wednesday 20

  1. Wonderfully vivid and cheerful!

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  3. That is some exquisite elephant. And those seats look very comfortable! The Colourful Family on holiday? (:

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  5. ejmam

    That’s a great elephant.

  6. I rode on one of those once at the Western Fair when I was a little girl.

    • This was Thailand — up a hill and then back down. Kind of terrifying since it felt like we could easily slip out of the seat and go crashing down. But amazing to be so close to such a gorgeous big animal.

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  8. Even on elephant back, your family is well and colourfully appointed. And btw, that’s probably a better elephant than I could draw even now. Love his cheery smile.

  9. Marilyn

    I love the drawing of the elephants and the riders. How exciting to be able to ride so high on such a huge animal.

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