wordless wednesday 19


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14 responses to “wordless wednesday 19

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  4. I love that foot kicking out to the side — subtle but telling. And the way she’s represented the leaves on the tree. Where is this? And what’s the squiggle on the grass at right?

  5. carin

    This, of course, must be the Garden of Eden. The squiggle is the you-know-what. The child is the result of eating apples and other sinful pleasures…
    On the other hand… it might also be the way it looks to ‘be on top of the world’. And the squiggle is a garden hose. To water that tree.
    (What a happy trip it must be be to live with your brilliant artist!)

    • Actually the squiggle may be a snake! We went out on several hunts for snakes, floating through the mangroves and staying perfectly quiet, looking up in the trees where they often sit coiled up, watching for prey.

  6. Oh the wonderful tall tall hill and the people on top of it: king and queens of the castle! (At least I think it’s a king and two queens?)

  7. Marilyn

    I think you three are on top of the world

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