Wordless Wednesday 18


Back for the new year! See if you can guess where we’ve been from this fabulous picture by N. And please visit my Wordless Wednesday friends!

Allyson Latta
Cheryl Andrews
Matilda Magtree
Elizabeth Yeoman



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16 responses to “Wordless Wednesday 18

  1. Marilyn

    I see a diver, a snorkeler and lots of fish swimming in the water. The sky is very blue with colourful birds and that sun looks very hot. Glad you had such a wonderful holiday. Welcome back..

  2. Diving in some wonderful, tropical location! I recognize the “oooh” – made the same sound through the snorkel on the reefs off the coast of Jamaica!

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  4. Among the fish, gazing at birds. The lovely, snorkeling N. Glad to see!

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  6. carin

    That “ooooh” scared me at first. But that was when I still thought the diver on the left was a winged sea-monster. Now I understand. I’m such a dolt. You were in Wales, obviously. (;
    I LOVE these drawings!

  7. carin

    p.s. I notice with much joy that skies are always smiling in one way or another…

  8. Snorkeling is amazing, isn’t it. Lovely to see it here through N’s eyes. I thought too at first that the diver on the right was in danger, but then realized those were pretty little fish and that everything else here radiated happiness. Love those multi-coloured birds. No need to ask if she (and you and Jeff) enjoyed the trip, I guess! This says it all.

  9. I like the multicoloured birds flying towards the sun. And the intriguing slightly mysterious diver on the left. Actually both humans are mysterious and intriguing since the snorkling child is turned away from the viewer and looking out to sea with an enigmatic “oooooh!”.

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