Wordless Wednesday 15

My wordless friends:

Matilda Magtree
Allyson Latta
Cheryl Andrews



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12 responses to “Wordless Wednesday 15

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  2. carin

    Oh, so much going on here! The happy tailwag of dog, the day so bright even the sun needs shades, tree roots and kites and more bees (your Nell likes bees?). This is a beaut. And in mixed media too! [Umm, is that a squashed… or ‘sunbathing’ squirrel? Or is he indeed underground, hibernating perhaps? Even though it appears to be spring…] Love!

  3. kristendenhartog

    Thanks Carin. Oh yes, she loves bees and all nature’s creatures. My guess is the little guy at bottom left is a frog or a toad, waking up from his underground winter nap. I love the stars in a sunny sky! And the Crystal Gale hair!

  4. Carin took the words out of my mouth. So much going on! Such detail — the girl’s hair, skirt and shoes as she wants the dog. Bees and birds and butterflies doing their thing. We even see the roots of the tree and flowers. Love the action lines around the little frog in his hole. And that’s one VERY happy sun.

  5. Oh my goodness. That drawing! So much going on in it; all the details! I love it. I was looking at it from the bottom up, and was surprised by the hilariously trippy sun.

    And now I just read the other comments and everyone has said the same thing. Hahaha!

  6. kristendenhartog

    I think that sun is shining out its happiness to be soaked up by all.

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  8. Marilyn

    What a happy day, with both sun and stars. Birds flying, bees humming and Panda (or is that Polly?) happily wagging her tail. Blue clouds and a kite too. Love it.

  9. jim

    I like the way she drew the birds. Perfect. Would be nice to hear her comments on the drawing———

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