Wordless Wednesday 14

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14 responses to “Wordless Wednesday 14

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  3. carin

    (But why is that bird eating a phone?)
    HeeHee. Kidding. Back to ‘love’. How I adore kid art. The way rain is drawn… because of course that’s how it feels. Big and ploppy. And the worm on the ground to indicate to yutzes like me that the bird is in fact eating a worm that has flown up into the sky. The way they doing during lightning storms.
    Yes. Love.
    Love love.
    So glad you’re doing this series, Kristen.

  4. carin

    On the other hand, what do I know. Maybe it IS a phone. And that’s another on the ground.

  5. Loving this series of your daughter’s artwork, Kristen!

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  7. Great colours: blue rain, yellow lightning, bright red bird, pink and black striped worms (I had to see the one on the ground to know what it was. Those are clearly big juicy delicious ones!). Interesting how the tree has such a massive solid trunk but few leaves. Not much protection there — but maybe with worms like that to be savoured, Mr. Bird doesn’t care. 🙂

  8. Marilyn

    Great picture. I think the worm didn’t jump up to the bird. The bird found the worm on the ground and carried it up to the tree where it could be savoured without other birds trying to steal it.

    • And the other worm will be gobbled for dessert. I must ask N the full story. This pic is a couple of years old, and is actually just part of a larger picture including rainboots, raincoats, and rainbows.

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