Wordless Wednesday 11

My wordless friends:
Allyson Latta
Matilda Magtree
Cheryl Andrews
Christy Ann Conlin



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14 responses to “Wordless Wednesday 11

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  2. You’ve captured the quintessential Halloween meltdown! We had a few of those, including a memorable one: the Terrible-Twos Tiger Tantrum. I think I have some photos but I’d completely forgotten them. This brings back memories. Ah, parenting.

  3. jim

    Oh my GAIA! Time is accelerating!

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  5. carin

    A smile wouldn’t have worked with the other [pumpkin] faces. This little pumpkin got it just right…! [Hoping the perfect ‘treat’ will help smooth things over.] 😉

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  7. Aaahhh … she just doesn’t like Hallowe’en … then! Great shot.

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  9. Marilyn

    Oh, my…..Happy Hallowe’en!

  10. Lenny

    Geez, pumpkins can be so judgemental! There’s absolutely nothing wrong with wearing an orange hat and a pink pant suit!

  11. That is simply priceless. The child who wants nothing to do with the fun and the good time memories, to the disappointment of adults!

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