Wordless Wednesday 8

Wordless friends:
Cheryl Andrews
Allyson Latta
Matilda Magtree
Christy Ann Conlin



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9 responses to “Wordless Wednesday 8

  1. Squinting into the sun or unhappy about being photographed? Wonderful picture, Kristin!

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  4. Marilyn

    I think it must be Sunday. Many old gentlemen wore shirts and ties every day, even to work, but these two have vests and jackets too. I think they are waiting to be called for their roast beef dinner.

  5. And maybe they’ve broken that pot sitting nearby, and are busily trying to decide how to fess up about it to their mom.

  6. First to arrive at the intervention. 😀

  7. Those are very grumpy faces! So funny. Were they caught off guard, or did they not want their photos taken, I wonder. Or maybe they’ve been waiting too long for that roast beef dinner. Interesting how they are sitting with their hands in exactly the same position.

  8. love these photos of nostalgia you are posting, Kristen. I love how posed they are, how formal even casual photography was. Love the seriousness and formality, yet the rather “run down” surround.

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