Wordless Wednesday 7


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11 responses to “Wordless Wednesday 7

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  3. Love this, a peek back. Love the fade and haze, a visual echo of how far away in time this is…and such nostalgia with this image, of a time we remember as being simple…ah, the general store.

  4. I feel nostalgic looking at this even though I’m too young to remember anything like it. Despite the fading, there’s some delicious detail: the jam-packed floor-to-ceiling shelves, the pattern along the counter, the girl’s ponytails and bows, Dad’s vest and moustache, the Davies Tea sign, those photos (of royalty?) hanging at the bottom right corner … Taken early 1900s? It’s lovely.

    • Yes, so much detail here that gives clues to the past. The photos at the lower right are King Edward and wife Alexandra, which means the image must be from sometime 1901 and 1910. Is the blurriest third photo Queen Victoria, gone but not forgotten?

  5. Marilyn

    Lovely photograph. I wonder if Harry and Jack’s store looked like this? The shelves are well stocked, and the little girl is well dressed. The fabric hanging from the counter looks like a heavy brocade. In the lower right hand corner there are pictures of Queen Victoria and her successors, Edward VII and Queen Alexandra, so this picture must have been taken in the early 1900s

  6. carin

    I wonder if people ever went into stores like this just to ‘browse’… or if you even could, because someone would talk to you and surely you’d always end up buying at least a spool of unnecessary thread…

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