Wordless Wednesday 6

Wordless friends:
Allyson Latta
Matilda Magtree
Christy Ann Conlin
Cheryl Andrews



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16 responses to “Wordless Wednesday 6

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  2. Such pure joy is a treasure!

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  5. Love the feel of this one — their energy and joy. The composition makes me feel the rush of them running past me and … away! Lovely colours in their clothing too, against the sand.

  6. I imagine a game, someone chasing them, and how they veer off in opposite directions. Now the chaser has to make a decision: which to continue chasing? And what does the suddenly unchased one do? Go back to help… or grab a popsicle? The soundtrack is delicious laughter either way.

  7. Well said, Carin. That’s what I kept thinking — that the story was somehow about the space between them.

  8. What a perfect capture of the joy of childhood, and the endlessness of it. There is also something here, of how fleeting it is, the sense of motion, the blur capturing just how ethereal it is. It ends and yet it never really does. Treasure those little carefree faces, K.

  9. Marilyn

    I can just hear the giggles

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