Wordless Wednesday 5

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30 responses to “Wordless Wednesday 5

  1. jim

    For the pacifist we know him as he looks mighty proud. Suspect it is not the uniform he is proud of!

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  3. Powerful imagery here, Kristen … love the story it puts in my mind!

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  5. Marilyn

    Love this photo on the rooftop. Oma is already wearing her hair in a bun. The photographer’s braces are quite fancy. It must be Sunday.

  6. I love the sassy expression on her face, and the way she’s looking off to the side. Makes me think this is after the war, when he’s home safe and sound and it’s easier to be relaxed. Then again, if it’s before, we might put those expressions down to youth and a beautiful sense of immortality. Either way, it’s a wonderfully happy picture!

    • I love that you noticed her looking off to the side — she does that in all pictures! She looks at the person beside her, rather than into the lens, as if she wants to see what the photographer sees. It is definitely before the war. Later she had a much more serious look.

  7. I love her dress 🙂 I also am very curious why this photo makes me feel so sad. Old photos do capture more than anything else the inevitable passage of time. They are portals, this one, back to the roof, a happy day, careless and then not, for there is always care when someone is in uniform.

  8. Their body language is telling — they’re smiling, leaning into each other, her arm tucked behind her (a little flirty?). And I like the rooftop setting, and the photographer in the foreground, back curved over his camera. There’s so much happening here. I feel transported, and a bit like a voyeur, looking at this one.

    • jim

      I believe it must be before the war. They seem happy, and playful.

    • I think these were good days for them, perhaps late 1920s or early 1930s. They were engaged. He is in uniform as part of regular army training every Dutchman had at a certain age. Their country remained neutral in the first world war, and they don’t yet know that the second is coming.

      • jim

        There is more of course. The photographer is likely the woman’s brother, Gerrit. He suffered from asthma and one can almost see it in his posture. Wonder who the unseen photographer is?

        It is likely taken on some special day. Something to do with the uniform since it seems unlikely that the man would put it on just to pose with it. That would not fit what we know of him. That also rules out a sunday——–

  9. Ah yes, the UNSEEN photographer! I forgot about him! Also wonder where the SEEN photographer’s photo went? A story within a story, a picture within a picture…

  10. Gerry

    I also think this my Uncle Gerrit although my memory of him is in a naval uniform (thought he was the captain) with a pipe. So this is Gerrit commenting on a picture of Gerrit taking a picture of Gerrit. hmmm.

  11. jim

    I believe Gerrit was the First Machinist on a commercial ship. Quite a prestigious position only next to the captain, first mate and doctor. He was stranded away from the home hearth when the war broke out. In England of all places! In war time better than Holland I suppose. I do not know when he returned to Holland after the war. He was by far the most interesting of the Posts. At least to young boys interested in the sea and the life thereon. His hunched over lean appearance in the picture made me think of asthma, of which he died I believe. Smoking a pipe and working in the engine rooms of pre-war freighters no doubt did not aid his breathing. I believe he ended up in an iron lung———alone.

  12. Rige

    AH! I have such sweet memories of being on that balcony, with narrow wooden slats over a zinc roof. This is the house of the Posts and if it was uncle Gerrit taking the picture than it would be his brother Tom taking the overall picture. If uncle Gerrit is a cameraman the time has to be before may ’40.
    Maybe these dates will help: Gerrit was on leave 9 September 1928 on “dato Korporaal”. And Gerrit and Cor were engaged on 26 December 1928. As the cameraman is in shirt sleeves we could assume it is the celebration of the promotion?
    Cor wears the same dress but tattered, in 1938 holding baby Jim. I beg to differ on the hair-do, it looks like the ‘radio’ do of before marriage.
    Wearing the uniform on Sunday would not be prohibited (?) and also the
    white shirt on either Tom or Gerrit on a weekday would not at all be
    strange. Even now the older generation of men in Holland will dress in
    a three piece suit with shirt and tie.
    Lovely choice for a silent wednesday Kristen!

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