Wordless Wednesday 4

Wordless friends:
Christy Ann Conlin
Allyson Latta
Matilda Magtree
Cheryl Andrews

And a wordless ps: Dogs make us more human



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14 responses to “Wordless Wednesday 4

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  3. Never too busy to strike a pose…

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  5. The sense of movement, the joy … that tongue! And talk about “breaking the fourth wall.” This one should make everyone smile, Kristen. Happy Wednesday.

  6. Love the tongue lolling, Kristen … visible even in the ‘rush’ of play!

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  8. Omg, it’s like a doggie on a merry go round! The sense of speed in this takes my breath away!

  9. Reminds me of a moment I had today with my dog, Lucy. When I let her loose in the park she takes off like a shot. I can’t keep up but I really feel my soul is running with her, she’s so joyous!

  10. Adorable…and the photo clearly tells a story!

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