Wordless Wednesday …

All over the internet, bloggers post a photo with no words to explain it. As of today, I’m joining in! Other Wordless Wednesday contributors you might want to check out are Cheryl Andrews, Matilda Magtree, and Allyson Latta.



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12 responses to “Wordless Wednesday …

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  4. Cheryl

    Wonderful … a tender memory shared!

  5. Beautiful shot, Kristen. I love the candidness of it, the light filtering through the curtains, her apron straps, the hint of movement as she goes about her work, absorbed.

  6. This brings back an certain era. There’s much nostalgia here.

  7. Marilyn

    As soon as I saw this picture it reminded me of Oma. The dress covered completely with an apron, her hair in a bun with bits escaping, bent over her work at the sink,completely absorbed, and probably humming a hymn to herself. Lovely.

  8. So much to take from this. I get the impression she’s in a hurry, but I’m wondering what is it, exactly, that tells me this? The way she’s hunched over maybe, just an inch too low to be relaxed?

  9. Ann T

    One of my favourite exercises in English class was when the teacher posted a picture like this on the board and told us to write the story we saw in the image, or the story inspired by the image. Loved doing that! Or, a similar one meant to hone our powers of observation and encourage the writing of description where we had to write as much as we could about the picture using only what we saw, or thought we saw, in the image. Great fun!

    • You’re right, Ann, photos and other visual art can be wonderful writing prompts. In my workshops I use a collection of picture cards I’ve collected over the years for that sort of exercise. This photo of Kristen’s would certainly inspire stories.

  10. kristendenhartog

    Thanks for the comments everyone! Now that it’s Friday I suppose I can add a few words to the wordless Wednesday post. But I really have few to add — I found the picture among my husband’s old family photos some time ago, and neither of us know who it is. He doesn’t recognize the place or the woman, so it may be a more distant relative in England. I love the image for many of the reasons mentioned above, plus the milk bottle and the teacup in the window, and the checkery curtains, the window latch and the doorknob.

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