summer, and seven treasures

 Summer has come between me and my desk, hence the long breaks between posts. But I’m happy to be a guest once again on Allyson Latta’s memoir writing site. My task was to list seven treasures — what Allyson calls “memory-imbued belongings.” I hope you’ll visit, and read the other entries in the series as well.

And I will return here! Just tonight we began the Narnia Chronicles, and crept across the rafters with Polly and Digory, candle in hand, only to discover Uncle Andrew in his attic room, with his evil smile and cruel intentions. Now we’re at the end of Chapter Two, and both Polly and Digory have disappeared into the Other World. I expect we’ll find ourselves there with them tomorrow.



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2 responses to “summer, and seven treasures

  1. I loved reading Narnia to my kids. Although I ignored Lewis and started with The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, because I think the surprises work better that way. Have fun!

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