trillium nervosa

From: The botanical cabinet, consisting of coloured delineations of plants from all countries by Conrad Loddiges, 1832

Still smiling over the somewhat terrifying but wonderful news announced yesterday: my novel, And Me Among Them, has been nominated for the Trillium Book Award.

I’m in fine company, too. The other nominees in my category are Ken Babstock for Methodist Hatchet; David Bezmozgis for The Free World; Tony Burgess for Idaho Winter; David Gilmour for The Perfect Order of Things, and Phil Hall for Killdeer. May the best (woman?) win!

Here’s what the jury wrote about And Me Among Them:

“Deceptively slim, And Me Among Them presents an uncanny world guided by a uniquely heightened perspective. As she grows up (and up, and up), the girl giant Ruth stretches everyone’s consciousness, seeing into, above, and beyond the minds and dreams of her parents. Kristen den Hartog opens so many doors that every meaning is magnified, shifted, and understood anew — a magical, wonderful novel like no other.”

Huge congratulations to the nominees in all the categories. I look forward to reading with them on June 19 at the Toronto Reference Library. The winners will be announced June 20.

Meanwhile, I remain Trillium Nervosa.


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16 responses to “trillium nervosa

  1. Huge congratulations, Kristen!

  2. kristendenhartog

    Thank you Carrie!

  3. Marilyn

    Wonderful, wonderful. Great recognition for your work.

  4. trilbykent

    Huge congratulations!

  5. Heidi den Hartog

    How exciting! Nominations well deserved. The Alberta Book Award and The Trillium Award……congratulations!!

  6. Rige

    Congratulations Kristen!!
    Spreading the word.

  7. U Nick

    You are a delicate flower!

  8. Nancy Jo and Jeff

    Fantastic news – Congratulations Kristen – well deserved!

  9. Jenn

    Fabulous! Congratulations Kristen!

  10. So happy for you, Kristen. Two nominations in the span of a couple of days. Your work deserves the recognition.

  11. It wasn’t *that* slim…

  12. Congratulations on making the short list! Fingers cross ’til June 20 when the winners are announced. Hoping to make the reading at the Toronto Reference Library on the 19th of June!!!!

  13. Auntie Jean

    Congratulations, Kristen. What an honour!

  14. Michele Maycock

    Congratulations Kristen! Up up and away!

  15. kristendenhartog

    Thanks everyone for such kind comments!

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